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Yellow Ribbon Fund and CareerDash have partnered to help you achieve your dream career. Fill out this form and we'll enroll you in the free intro course as part of your first step to qualifying for this scholarship.

What's included?

At CareerDash, our comprehensive Intro Course is designed to provide you with the education and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your career path. Our program is designed to answer many of the questions you may have, and to help you feel confident that you're making the right decision for you.

Explore the Careers

You'll have the opportunity to explore the Recruiting & BDR careers, gaining valuable insights into the skills and qualifications necessary to succeed in each field. Our comprehensive career exploration resources are designed to help you identify your passions and interests and connect them with a potential career path.

Learn About Us

Learn about our mission, values, and approach to career development, as well as the history of our organization and our commitment to supporting underrecognized & underserved communities.

Experience a Live Session

You'll have the opportunity to experience a live-session with one of our expert career coaches. This session will give you a taste of the personalized support and guidance we offer to all our students, helping you to identify your career goals and develop a plan to achieve.

Dabble in our Career Center

The Career Center is a key feature of the CareerDash Intro Course, providing access to a wide range of career development resources, including assessments, job search tools, and skills training. In this section of the Intro Course, you'll have the opportunity to explore the Career Center and get a sense of the valuable resources available to you as a CareerDash student.

Meet the Team

Get to know the CareerDash team in this section of the Intro Course. Learn about our experienced career coaches, instructors, and support staff, and get a sense of the personalized support and guidance we offer to all our students.
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I recommend CareerDash because of the coaches! They are truly there for you every step of the way and available whenever you need them
Charlotte S.
I had an insightful learning experience with CareerDash! The modules were easy to follow and as the learner you always knew your progression!
Janell D. 
Loved the program. The training was amazing. I was able to start an amazing career that I love everyday!!
Stephanie H.