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Experience what it's like to have an entire team working for you to help you launch and succeed in your career.

You'll have your own student success manager, a team of subject matter expert coaches, and a career coach all working with you 1-on-1 to give you all the attention and support you need to achieve your career goals.

Because CareerDash knows that it's not just about the training. It's about the people.

What we offer

Our Courses  

We've got you covered! Our top-notch programs are designed to help you succeed in high-demand careers. We've carefully curated the content based on what hiring managers are looking for and paired it with live instructors, guided assignments, and hands-on training. With our courses, you'll be equipped to find, earn, and excel in your dream career
Certified Recruiter Course                                       
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Get Paid to Connect: 
Discover a Rewarding Career in Recruiting
Recruiting is a career path that helps others succeed. In this role, you’ll match top talent with the right position. As a people person, you’ll network, communicate and connect people to careers that are not only right for them but meet the company’s or organization’s needs.

 Do you love learning about people? Do you want to help others in their careers? 

Certified Business Development Course       
Fast Track your Career With a
Business Development Role
Business Development is all about providing opportunities for the company or organization you work for. Sometimes it’s through sales, sometimes it’s through relationships. You’ll be researching, connecting, and growing a network that will connect your company to others.

Do you love talking to people?  Do you like networking with others in your community?

Why we chose these careers


They need you as much as you need them.  


Average Total Compensation within the First Year. 

Career Mobility

Don't get stuck in one spot. These careers have endless paths for growth.

Remote Friendly 

Looking for more flexibility? These roles offer options for both.

How it works...

Fully Online

Ideally you'll have a computer but mobile devices can work. You'll also need a webcam and access to good internet.


Our programs are structured to allow you to learn on your own time. Schedule your private live coaching sessions when they fit your life.

12 Weeks

We say 12 weeks to give you a frame of reference. But since these programs are self-paced, you're able to finish as soon as your schedule allows. Many finish in just 6-8 weeks.

Lifetime Career Center

Our Career Services provide you with everything you need to successfully land your first role. You'll receive 1-1 career coaching to help you prepare your resume, find potential job opportunities, and prep for your interviews.

The Journey

The most effective way to start your new career.

Step 01

Start your FREE Intro Course

Dive into CareerDash's introductory course and gain invaluable insights into the career of your choice. Uncover what the profession involves and determine if it's the perfect fit for your unique skillset and aspirations. Sign up today!

Step 02

Choose a Course & Connect with our Coaches

After completing the Intro Course you will connect with your dedicated Success Manager, choose your Career Coaches, and begin learning. You complete the course on your time and schedule your 1-1 sessions at times that work best for you!

Step 03

Launch your new Career with the help of our Career Development Center

Experience Our Exceptional Career Readiness Course – Included with Every Course
Each of our expertly crafted courses comes with our unbeatable Career Readiness Course, seamlessly interwoven with your chosen career-focused program. Explore a diverse range of essential topics such as:
  • Networking for employment opportunities
  • Harnessing the power of AI & technology in your job search
  • Mastering resume and interview optimization & so much more!
Our Career Readiness Course is the secret ingredient that sets you apart, ensuring you land the job you truly deserve! Our Career Readiness Course is the secret ingredient that sets you apart, ensuring you land the job you truly deserve!

Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you took towards reaching that goal.” …And I am! I am delighted to announce that I have passed my AA-ISP exam as a Certified Recruiter Sales Professional. Upon this achievement, I would like to also take the time to thank CareerDash for the opportunity to have been able to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful recruiter. I would like to also thank Michele Helfgott-Waters, Abbey Ehn, Teodora Iliev, and Karen Sherriff for being such great mentors and coaches and being so involved throughout the entire process. It truly was a valuable experience!
Hannah M.
Recruiter Graduate
"I am proud to say that I have completed the BDR training and certification program from CareerDash. Along the way, I had the pleasure of meeting many great people who have helped me realize my passion for learning and had the patience and dedication to guide me on this amazing journey. Through their mentorship, creative criticism, and vast knowledge I have learned what it takes to be successful and how much I enjoy being coachable. Everyone has personal issues to deal with, kids to raise, and many daily challenges that need attention, but not once! did the coaches make me feel like something is missing, out of place, or made me feel like they have somewhere else to be. Reliability is hard to find these days, and I can say with pride that the entire team at CareerDash has dedication and trustworthiness that is unmatched'
Illia L.
Business Development Graduate
"I'm one and a half weeks into my new role and I am thoroughly enjoying all I am learning and doing. Had I never made the decision to start focusing on my career goals and take some risks I wouldn't have come across this new opportunity. I am so thankful for CareerDash and all the coaches there for supporting me and helping me get started in the Recruiting/HR space where I can connect with others and help them achieve their own career goals. I feel extremely blessed to be at an incredible company and surrounded by even better team members and mentors who have welcomed me with open arms"
Susan L.
Recruiter Graduate

Companies Our Graduates Work...

Nicole S. Certified Recruiter 
Stepping Stones Group

Taylor R. Certified BDR

David s. BDR Graduate

Keita B. Certified Recruiter 
Loyal Source 

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